For over forty years I was in clinical practice and worked with adolescents and adults, couples, families, and psychotherapy groups.  In 1998 I began my training in The Nia Technique, a mind/body/emotions practice made up of movements from the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts.  I have a 1st Degree Nia Black Belt and have taught in-person Nia classes in the Boston, Massachusetts area at Wellbridge, Facing Cancer Together, and Laughing Dog Yoga.  I have led over forty workshops at group psychotherapy conferences that help group therapists to develop embodied attunement through movement and sensory based practices. 


Dr. Suzanne L. Cohen
Dr. Cohen also provides consulting services through Science Management Associates, and is a co-author, along with Dr. Carl M. Cohen, of the book "Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists" Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Third Edition, 2018, available through Amazon
Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D., CGP-R, FAGPA

Nia Somatic Educator

Nia Moving to Heal Classes, Live Streaming on Zoom

Ongoing classes on Saturday, Monday  and Wednesday mornings, 10-11 AM, EST.

Nia Moving to Heal (M2H) class experience is done standing as well as sitting with the support of a chair.    The Nia Technique is based on dance, martial, and healing arts.  Music will give you the inspiration to choose movement that feels good, in your own way and in your own time.  The purpose is to self-heal in body, mind, spirit, and emotions. This slower, gentler Nia class is ideal for active seniors, those with physical limitations, and psychotherapists who have been working for many hours on the internet.

We begin the class by connecting with each other.  What needs healing today?  How would you like to feel better?  We end the class with your reflections on your experience and body gratitude.  How and what did you heal as result of the movement medicine?  What do you want to take with you into your day and life?

Class fee is $60 for any 5 classes
For payment instructions and registration please contact me at suzannecohen88@gmail.com
I will send you additional information and the zoom link. 

Workshops for Group Therapists and all Behavioral Health Professionals

Sensory Awareness and Embodied Attunement of the Group Therapist: the royal road to affect

February 26, 2021

I conducted this workshop at the American Group Psychotherapy Annual Meeting (AGPA Connect) on Friday, February 26, 2021. 

Sensory experience and the body's intelligence bring the group fully into the here and now, and help group members to experience emotions.  Through movement to music (The Nia Technique Freedance), sensory based consultation, and group process, we will study the power of  embodied attunement in accessing affect.     All bodies are welcome, all and any age, ethnicity, body type, gender, race, and ability.  

Music, Movement, and Moments of Meeting:  A workshop for Every Body

June, 2021

I led this workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, via Live Streaming.

Our bodies are instruments of our craft as group therapists.  We can become more attuned to ourselves and our groups through sensory awareness and expressive movement to inspiring music (The Nia Technique Freedance). 

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