Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D., CGP
Licensed Psychologis

About My Clinical Practice


I am a licensed psychologist, and  provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups in my office in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist and a Licensed Nia Instructor, Black Belt. 

Clinical Practice Information

My psychotherapy practice is based on the principle that the mind and body together reflect and express our most deeply held beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  Through integrating the body into our moment-to-moment experience we can be more deeply connected to ourselves and to others.

I work in a relational model, interacting and relating directly to my clients. We work together to develop a strong therapeutic relationship based on acceptance, trust and openness.  My goal is to provide an environment in both individual and group therapy where anything can be talked about, where non-judgmental curiosity prevails.  We understand the present by linking current experience with the past in a dynamic interplay. 


I am a Licensed Psychologist (Massachusetts), Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) and Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  I have over 30 years of experience providing psychotherapy to adults, couples, and groups, using psychodynamic and, more recently, body-oriented approaches.

Between 1990 and 2006 I was  Clinical Instructor in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  I provided supervision and consultation in group psychotherapy to psychiatric residents and staff at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.  I have been a member of the faculty of the Training Program of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy since 1987.  I teach psychotherapists about the language of the body and integrating the body into their clinical work through workshops for the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

I am a Certified Nia Instructor, Black Belt and teach classes and workshops in the Boston area.  Since 1998 I have received more than 500 hours of training from the founders of The Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, in Portland, OR.

nitial Session

Your first visit will include a thorough discussion about your reasons for seeking therapy.  We will talk about what is troubling you and what you hope to achieve from therapy.  I will ask you some factual questions about yourself, such as family and personal history. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions about my clinical work.   We will get a sense of what it will be like to work together.  If a referral to someone else is indicated I will help to facilitate that. I will give you my initial impressions about what you might expect from therapy, whether it is individual, couples, or group therapy.   If we decide to continue we will schedule another appointment.


My fee is $180 for evaluation/consultation, individual and couples psychotherapy and $55 for group psychotherapy (90 minutes).  Telephone appointments are $100 for 30 minutes.  Insurance companies do not reimburse for telephone appointments.  Fees can be negotiated in the case of financial need.


For initial consultations, payment is due at the time of the session.  For patients in ongoing therapy, payment on a weekly or monthly basis is accepted.  If paying monthly, payment is expected within two weeks of receiving the bill.

Cancellation Policy, Individual and Couples Therapy

Your time is reserved for you.  If you need to cancel your appointment, you are expected to give as much notice as possible. You will be charged the full fee if you cancel without 24 hours' notice, unless we can reschedule your appointment within the week, or unless I am able to fill the time.  If one member of a couple cannot make the appointment, the other may use the time alone.  Please note that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments.

Cancellation Policy, Group Therapy

Your seat in the group is reserved for you.  You will be billed for any missed group meetings, with the exception of two per calendar year. This policy ensures attendance in the group, which is essential for a healthy group climate. 


I am an out of network provider for most PPO's.  I am not a member of any managed care panels or HMO's.  I will bill insurance companies for out of network benefits; payments will  be sent directly to me.  I will then bill you for co-payments and deductibles.  Deductibles can range from $250 to $1000 per calendar year for mental health benefits. Please check with your insurance company to find out details of your coverage.  Also, please notify me of any changes in insurance information.

Why I Do Not Participate in Managed Care Panels

Managed care is intrusive on the privacy of your psychotherapy and is not compatible
with the trusted psychotherapeutic relationship.  Managed care  puts  restrictions on the number of sessions it will cover and can cut off treatment without consideration for your needs.


I am in the office Monday through Thursday.  On other days, including week-ends, I call in for messages at least once a day.  I am also available at my home by telephone by arrangement in special circumstances. When I am away from the office, coverage information will be left on my voice mail.

Emergency Services

If you need immediate help in a clinical emergency, call 911 or go to your local hospital  emergency room for acute psychiatric assessment and care.

Collaboration with Other Providers

When indicated, I will be in contact with others who are providing medical or psychologi
cal services to you, such as other therapists, psychiatrists who prescribe medication, and primary care physicians.  I will do so only after discussing this with you, and with your written consent.


My practice is HIPAA compliant.  You will be given privacy  information at your first session.